Main Role Of AI In Photography In The Modern Era – 2024

AI image generators have been playing a significant role in image sites and social media for more than a year. This type of AI image is now everywhere. Since this trend has gone viral among people, many types of AI image generators come to the world. The best thing is that you can generate any image you wish with less effort. You only have to give the prompt you want. This can be anything. Then, the image generator generates the image you want. Also, many image generators give different variations of output images. So users can download what they want. In this article, we are going to the best AI image generators in the world.


dall e 3

Without any doubt, this is the biggest name in the AI image generation field. DALL.E 2 is the previous edition of this generator. Also, it is the first AI-powered image generator that delivers good-quality images enough for use. DELL.E 3 is available through ChatGPT, and because of that, you can generate any image for a given prompt very easily. This is super easy to use. But the worst part is it is no longer free. But if you are a ChatGPT plus account owner, you can use DELL.E 3 without any limit.



This gives the best colour images among all of the other AI generators. Most importantly, the images are more natural and more similar to the real-life images. This is the first AI image to win an art competition. If you want to get access to this, you have to go to Discord and invite the Midjourney bot. To enter a prompt, type /imagine [your prompt]. Then, it will provide four different images for your will. The bad part is that all images are posted on Midjourney’s Discord account. So, anyone can see this. If you generate images for business purposes, this may be affected badly. But their image editing features are always top-notch. There is a free trial, but sometimes it does not work because of the traffic. So, you can buy the basic version and it costs 10 dollars per month.

Adobe Photoshop Firefly

adobe photoshop firefly

Adobe used AI support to edit images many years ago. But in 2023, it introduced its first text-to-image generator. Its AI model name is Firefly. It is available for free beta version. You can create any image through this image generator. Aside from that, you can create any text effects. With this Firefly, you can choose an area from an image and replace it with another AI image. It is called the name Generative Fill. This is the new feature you can only see in this AI image generator. But as long as this is supported for the beta version, the images you generated from this can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Getty Images

getty images

AI images are fine, but the legal side is confusing. The U.S. copyright office announced that AI images can’t be copyrighted. So anyone can get your images. This is not good if you are using these tools for any financial activity. With Getty, you can get a solution for this. This tool gives you images like stock photos. This is some kind of rough. This happens because this AI is trained by their own Getty stock photos. Also, there are some limits to generating images in this tool. You can’t generate anything featuring a person or go against the property laws. Because of this, generating images with this is not fun. But this is good for the legal side.



This is open-source software. It means anyone can download this and run this on their computers without any restriction. Also, this AI image generator uses Stable Diffusion. It is the best way to create something awesome. This AI generator is more user-friendly than other ones. You can control any prompt image in this. They show more information about file size, how many images, and how much it is similar to the text. This uses a credit system. In the free version, you can get 25 credits which allows you to enter 30 prompts. It means 120 images. Then you have to buy many credit. It is starting at 10 dollars. Overall, this is one of the best generators if you want to control everything about the image.