Remini Apk v3.7.693 Free Download | Latest Version [314.1MB]

Simply, Remini is a photo editor app. Actually, it is not just a photo editor, that is also a photo enhancer too. Especially the old photos embedded into the main task of the app. By using this Remini apk, you could make your old pictures into high-definition photos. Not only your old photos. There might be some blurry photos while capturing. Even if you capture photos from old cameras, the photos would seem to be much older. So the Remini would turn your photos into clarity and high definition new photos. You will feel those photos as newly captured photos.

The Remini apk has adjoined the Al generative technology. That technology will enhance all old photos. Even the app will enhance photos up to the professional level film quality. This photo converting app launched in 2019. Up To now, the Remini apk has converted over ten million photos into new photos with the best quality.


Remini Apk v3.7.693.202410344 Download [314.1MB]

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App NameRemini Photo Enhancer
Latest Versionv3.7.693.202410344
Android VersionAndroid 4.4+

Remini Apk Download and Install

Now you are aware of all the required details of the Remini apk. After the installation of the app, any user would be able to use it free and easy to convert your photos into high qualitative images.

For Android users

  1. First download Remini Apk from the download button above.
  2. After that enable Unknown Sources in the Android device settings.unknown sources
  3. Then find the downloaded Apk file and open it.remini download
  4. Follow the instructions on the Package Installer and complete the installation.remini apk

If you want to download from the Google Play Store then follow these steps for downloading the app.

  1. Visit the play store on your device.
  2. Search for the Remini photo editing and enhancing app.
  3. Tap on the download tab after you have seen it on your display.
  4. After the download process, the installation process of the app begins automatically.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed with working on the app.

For pc users (windows 7/ 8/ 10)

  • You need an android emulator to proceed with the download of the Remini app.
  • If you have an emulator you could proceed with the process easily.
  • After successful installation of an android emulator, then open it.
  • The Google play store is a pre-installed app in the android emulator.
  • Explore the play store on the home screen and double tap on it to open.
  • Then search for what you want. Actually, it is a Remini app that is used for photo editing and enhancement.
  • Click on the install tab and it will automatically download. See the list of installed apps on Blue stacks. You would find the Remini app on that list.

For ios device users

It is much easier to download the Remini app for ios devices.

  • Find your app store included in the home screen of the ios device.
  • In order to browse the apps on the store tap on the name apps on the bottom of the screen.
  • Then you could explore the app on the store and search.
  • Or easily that could be found from the category too. Here the Remini app is included in the category of photo editing and enhancing app.
  • Tap on the get to download the Remini app.
  • Verify your account details using Face id or touch id.
  • After getting the app then it will automatically install.
  • Click open and you are good to go.

By following this procedure you would be able to complete the whole installation process. Then feel free to continue the whole procedure and edit what you want easily.

What is Remini?

As told before, Remini is a photo editing app and photo enhancer app too. this app will always enhance the old photos into a new appearance. Technology is the artificial intelligence technology that is available in the Remini apk for editing and enhancing. There might be multiple old photos in your gallery. Some of those photos might be in the older look due to the quality of the device that that used. Even that can be blurred. Such types of all photos can easily convert into pictures with the best quality as in films. By using this app by yourselves, discover the specific functions included in the Remini app.

remini app

More About Remini App

There are more types of issues that are associated with the Remini apk. There may be some old pics of yours. Even if you want to post it on social media. Those are too old. Therefore you couldn’t be able to post it on Instagram or any other app. The Remini is for your help in such a situation. This is always with you for that task. What is the task? To convert low-quality images into images with the best quality. Not only that, the Remini apk will make the blurred photo into pictures with clarity. The Remini Apk will always offer instant enhancement for all photos. It is providing real-time enhancement for all Remini users. If this photo editor is with you, then you don’t need to post images that are old and unclear.

No Human Input Required

High-definition pictures are the outcome of the Remini app always. Therefore it always offers you the best. There are some differences between this editing app when you compare it with the others. This app doesn’t ask for human input for editing. The other editing apps require human commands for continuing editing. So how does this Remini apk work? This app has predefined processes. Those processes would help you to convert all your old images into the best qualitative images. The only thing you should have to do is the selection of the photo that you want to edit.

Not only your old photos but also you can enhance the previously captured selfies by using this Remini apk. With this specific feature, the Remini Apk users would be able to convert their photos into perfect qualitative images. Assume that you have captured the selfie in a dark surroundings. By that, in such dark surroundings, you could turn it into a perfect selfie by inserting that into this app. Surely you wouldn’t have met this type of app ever. Other than the clarity of the photos, there are some other functions for the photo. The pictures could turn into a drawing. Or else the app can turn images into gifs simply.

Other Functions

There are more other functions that users can get by using this Remini app. But those will meet at the pro version of the app. Other than the photo enhancing the Remini apk will offer video enhancing too. There is no other exceptional procedure of editing videos than editing photos. There are predefined classes for that task even. You only need to insert the video into the Remini app. Upload the video that you want to edit to the app, then keep calm. Your work will be done by the Remini apk automatically.

If you are a beginner in this image editing, then sometimes you are afraid of using this Remini apk. Because you think that, you need to have basic knowledge of photo editing. Don’t worry. You don’t need to learn any basics of photo editing. Only the installation of the app is required. Here this Remini app has more uses of that. If you have installed it and started its usage, then you will realize its use.

Remini Features

There are some specific features that consist of their app. Please have an idea about the Remini app.

  • This is a user-friendly app that can be used by many people of different ages. There are no restrictions for the usage of the app
  • The enhancement of the old photo is best in this app. The low qualitative photos can be converted into photos with high definition.
  • Even though the Remini apk is capable of returning the blurred photos to the photos with clarity.
  • As previously mentioned in the paragraph, the videos, as well as photos, can be repaired. If there are any blurred videos, don’t worry about that. Insert the video to that and keep calm.
  • There are more discoverable features included in the app. If you have downloaded the app then start the usage of it and discover each and everything included in the app.
  • It provides All related image processing functions at the app. It is easier for image processing.
  • With the latest version of the Remini photo editing app, all existing bugs have been fixed. The app has been enhanced much more.
  • The enhanced process of image editing is now with the new updates of the Remini apk. Start the usage of the app and discover new areas of the app.

Pros and Cons

Just like all the other apps in this Remini apk, there are pros and cons of these apps. Here are some of such.

Pros of app

  • The enhancing of the photos without any human inputs
  • It will convert the low qualitative images into high qualitative products by inserting them into the Remini app
  • Not only the photo enhancement offers by the Remini apk, but it will offer advanced video enhancing features
  • Real-time photo enhancing is another advantageous feature available in the Remini Apk. 
  • Results are very high quality.

Cons of app

  • The photo editing process usually takes a lot of time. This process is to convert the images into a very higher quality, that’s why it is taking too much time. But remember end result will blow your mind.
  • If you are using the free version, you would be able to convert only three such images. If you want to edit more than that, you should have to shift to the pro version from the free version of Remini Apk.
  • Photo sharpening is another function that is available in the Remini apk. But the photo sharpening feature will only focus on the face of the image. The body part won’t be sharpened in the photo.
  • Most of the time the mid-process has a possibility of freezing.

These are the pros and cons available in the Remini app. You have to be aware of these pros and cons before starting the usage of the app. Having an idea about the app is better.

How To Use Remini Photo Enhancer

Remini apk is an app that can use for photo editing and enhancing options. There is no other app that is equivalent to the process of this app. After the installation, open the app. Here there are some pre-defined procedures have embedded in the Remini app. Just you could insert the video or photo that you want to edit and enhance. You can edit the product in accordance with the perfect way that you wanted to edit.

Safety and Legality

The Remini apk is safe to use always. There are no harmful things available in the app. Specifically, this App does not have any malware included. It is very safe. Even though there are some mission features in the Remini app. Therefore there are no restrictions in the pro version.  Due to all these features, you better use the Remini Apk pro app.


Q: Is Remini Apk a safe app?

A: Yes, that is a very safe app. This is working in any servers securely. The data is safe at any time. If you want to take any data at any time, then you would be able to take back the data.

Q: Is this app free to use?

A: The Remini apk is totally free to use. But there are only some features that could be used in the free version. If you shift from the free version to the pro version you would be able to access multiple features here.

Q: What is the latest version of the Remini app?

A: The latest version of the 1.5.8. When you are installing this apk make sure that it is the latest version.

Q: what is the size of this app?

A: It is about a 33.93 MB-sized app.

Q: Are there any ads containing in the Remini app?

A: Yes, there are some ads contained in the app. But they are only advertisements from the app developer to earn in the free version.

Final Words

These all details are related to the famous editing app Remini apk.  It is not only an editing app. That is even an enhancement app for images with low quality. This is your easy problem solver. Now you could post any old photo without any issue. Then make any video or photo that needs to edit by yourselves. Editing is very easy with the Remini app.