How To Remove Watermark From Video

Many apps put watermarks on videos when you edit your videos. These are like kind of showing authority about the video. For fair users, some small editing parts, and for anyone’s personal videos, this is really OK. But there are some times when this becomes really annoying, and in order to remove these watermarks, you have to pay money or buy the premier versions of these editing apps. In this article, we are going to talk about how we can remove these watermarks for free.

Everyone wants to know if it is really true that we can remove these watermarks for free. The answer is yes. There are many online and offline tools that give this feature to their users. As this is free, some tools have their own limits. But they are good at their job. But you have to consider one thing. Erasing a watermark from a video can make your video blur or less of quality. So, you have to use proper software with great tools. In here we are showing some watermark-removing software, and you can choose one from it.

how to remove watermark from video

EaseUs Video Editor

This is a fully-featured video editing software. With their editing program, there is one editing tool that helps you to remove watermarks. There is more than one watermark-removing tool in here. You can simply cut out the watermark with a crop tool. Or you can blur it. Then, it is not clear to anyone. And you can replace the existing one with a new watermark. This software supports nearly all video formats. You have to launch the EaseUs editor, and on the home screen, you can import your video. Then, you can put the video on track. You can crop, or with the mosaic tool, you can blur the area.

Olive Video Editor

This is a free video editing software. But it also works as a watermark remover. There are several ways to remove the watermark, and all you have to do is upload the video to the software, choose the editing tool, and remove the watermark. Then, you can easily save the video to the device. There are many watermark remover tools here. You can choose one as your choice. And the export procedure is very quick. However, the disadvantage is that the software is not user-friendly. You need to learn them before using the software.


If you are a Mac user, you don’t have to look for any other software. Apple company itself provides a video watermark remover software called iMovie. It has more good features. You can also use the software to create new videos and slideshows. You have to download the app from the app store. After launching it, you can import your video to it and select your preferred editing tool to remove the watermark. Once the procedure is done, you can export the video to the device of your chosen quality. The con is that you don’t have many choices when it comes to video file format.


If you want some software for this task without downloading it. Then this is the best one for it. Maybe you see this when you search for any video editing software. You can run this totally free on your web browser and it does not require you to install anything to your device. Simply search the video editing software and open the site. Then, upload the video and choose the tool you want to get. After the process is done, download the video. The removal process is really speedy. However, the uploading process takes time. And sometimes, the process will stuck while editing videos.


This helps you to edit easily and efficiently videos from any web browser. No matter what browser you use you can easily use this software. You can try multiple tools and choose one as your choice. Not only you can remove these things you can also add elements to videos.

You can use this software to edit any video freely. So, give it a try when you have to edit a video.