Best Photo Restoration Software To Restore Your Old Photos in 2024

Everyone has old photos with a lot of memories. But with time some of these photos may be blurred or their resolution may be not in the condition of today high quality screens. So in that case people want to upgrade their photo resolutions and take good-quality photos, then they can keep these photos forever. There are plenty of apps and software for this task. This article shows what is the best software to restore your old photos. These are the best in the field. 

Choosing the best photo restoration software always depends on some common factors. They are what you need from that software. Editors’ skill level is always another matter. If the editor is not a pro, try to get super-easy software to edit. When choosing software also consider the price. Because the majority of these software are paid for their services. In the 2024 year, here are some top options for this software.

PhotoGlory PRO

photoglory pro

This is AI-powered software with plenty of restore options. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a pro here you can easily work with this software. It has a user-friendly interface.

This can colorize your B&W pictures without any hassle. All you have to do is upload your photo into the software and click on the button “Colorize”. And also you can manually customize the colors as you wish. If your photo has any scratches, stains, or other flaws, this software again will be the best solution for it.

This software comes with cutting-edge tools and these will help to get rid of these nasty imprints. With the retouching tools, the editor can easily erase any unwanted thing. It helps to apply new colors to the faded colors of your photo. Captions and Date Stamps are other things you can add using the editor. Is the photo ripped? Don’t worry with this PhotoGlory anyone can easily assemble these photos and it turns negative pictures into positive ones. Can download the free version to your computer. It supports Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 versions. Also, can order the standard version at a $27.50 price. The Deluxe version is $42.00 and the pro version is $56.00 only. This purchased version is for a lifetime and you can fix unlimited photos with this software.

Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop

This is the industry standard tool for photo editing. It also uses AI technology to restore the photos. And with Photoshop this process will be simpler. All have to do is, import the old photo into Photoshop. And create a new layer. With this new layer, editors can add all the edits and they don’t affect the original photo. They can add photo restoration filters by going to filters then Neural filters and photo restoration. With the spot-healing brush tool and clone stamp tool, Editors can fix damages in the photo. If the photo is black and white you can add color quickly and easily. After doing all these changes, can save the image as a JPG, TIFF, PNG, or other image file formats as you wish.

You can also restore faded color photos in Photoshop. This is a paid software. But they provide a free trial for the users. First editors can use this trial to get a proper idea about the software. After that, if they are satisfied, they can start the monthly plans. They start at US$22.99 per month. 



GIMP is the best free photo restoration software. This is available for LINUX, macOS, Windows, and more operating systems. Anyone can download this software from their official website. The first thing have to do is launch the software first. Then upload the photo. Create a duplicate layer. With this, editors can always go back to your original photo. Use the heal tool for small scratches and other things. Also, can correct the color-faded photos with color balance, Hue-Saturation, and curves tools. With the colors tool, editors can access these tools. There are many other tools that anyone can use to restore the photos. So users can enjoy all these tools for free. After you are satisfied with the restored photo you can save their work. To save it click the file and export and choose the right format as users wish. Then choose the exact location and save the file. 

Luminar Neo

luminar neo

This is the best AI photo-restoring software. With this, editors can easily restore old photos. Anyone can improve the quality and colors of damaged photos easily. Adjust the color channels and get good colors once the photos have. Also, can convert color photos to black and white ones. They offer a wide range of tools to restore photos. Especially this has AI-powered tools and they make your work more simple. Enhanced AI is a tool like that. It analyzes your photos and applies required adjustments in a click. Also, it has Noiseless AI and Supersharp AI. They make the photo deliver noise-free and high-quality photos. This is a paid software and they provide a free trial to get a proper idea about the software.

Retouch Pilot

retouch pilot

This software is famous because of its simplicity. Editors can also use this software to connect to the Photoshop apps. Users can download the demo version for free. It is available for all Windows versions. However, there are limitations to the software’s free trial. Users can only save images in .tpi format. After they buy the original version they can download it as they wish. Editors can order the original software for 29.95 EUR. With this software, the retouched and restoring process will become much easier. Not only the restore tools, when someone buys this software they also get plenty of tools to retouch their photos. This can remove worn spots or any scratches in a picture. Basically, it retouched the photos and made them modern then it will appear as a new photo.

As said in the beginning whether someone is a pro in this field or not they can easily restore their old photos and make the memory life longer.