How Long Do Photographers Take to Edit Photos?

Basically, the time to edit a photo depends on different things. Typically professionals in this field spend minutes or hours editing the photos. Sometimes they spend days until they get the quality they want. They always try to get a perfect finish. So there is not an exact time to edit a photo or photos. The time it takes to edit photos is a collection of different things. When we talk about this it starts from the very beginning. It means from taking the photos to final delivery.

edit photos

Editing Photos

Normally editing a landscape photo or product shot takes 10 minutes or more. Edit a portrait photo requires around 20 minutes. Retouch that kind of photo requires around one and a half hours. Sometimes they have to choose the best shot and delete the blur and unwanted ones. 

The first thing is the quality of the photographer. It is always true that the best photographers capture the best photos. The quality of the photographer depends on the experience level of the photographer. If that person is an experienced one, the photos will be of the best quality. When the photo is perfect the editing time will be more less than less-quality ones. 

After you take the photos you have to transfer the photos to the editor’s computer. This is another thing that affects the editing time. If you try to transfer the images by connecting the camera directly to the computer it will take more time than you think. So it is better to use a card reader. It speeds up the transfer progress. 

Another fact is that computer type. The quality of the software they use and the type of computer play a significant role in the editing process. If the computer type is not enough the editing process keeps lagging and increases the time. Also, some software‘s editing process makes the editing time longer than expected. So get good software and a good computer essential if you are willing to edit photos quickly.  

The type of photo is the main factor when we consider time. Time will be changed from photo type to type.

Portrait Photography

portrait photography

The first editor has to clear the environment. It means cleaning the photo. This includes removing the patches, cropping, and correcting the lens shots. If want they rotate the photo or mirror it. This will take some time. Because editors have to think and this is the basic step of the long process. 

Then have to edit the contrast. This may take some time if the editor doesn’t have an exact idea about color balancing. Sometimes they have to make photos darker or brighter. And also sharpening the colors and adjusting the shadows is a part of this. Editors take a long time to do this because everything depends on the colors in the photo. They try to get neat output from colors. 

The next process is working with filters and brushes. This includes the retouching process, which is essential in portrait photography. Because with a proper retouching process you can make a good-quality photo. After this, all the photos want to give a final touch. The editor Sharpe resized the photo to good quality. Then they print the photos or give the photo collection as a soft copy. 

Landscape Photography

landscape photography

This required more time than portrait photography. Editors have to save the real look and edit the photo. They have to adjust the brightness and contrast, this depends on the editor’s experience level. The next step is to do color balancing. Fix color patches and give a neat color output. 

This is a landscape photo. So the editor has to remove any background obstacles. It removes all distractions and makes the photo clear. Then fix the environment and add the atmosphere. It dong by adding glow effects. After all, do the final touch and deliver the photo. 

Wedding Photography

wedding photography

This is a huge process. Photographers have to capture the real moments. Then the editor has to edit the photo to save the real look of the moment. Simply wedding photography comes with a collection of photos. You have to choose what photo want to edit and what won’t. As long as this is a photo collection it simply follows the same theme. So editor has to think about it when they edit. 

Then increase the resolution and cropping unwanted things. After that retouched the photo and ensured the photo was clear. Then do the final touch and deliver the photo.

Fully Retouched Portrait

fully retouched portrait

This means these photos want a full skin retouched. These types of editing take more time

than basic portrait editing. The editing process is the same as the portrait one. But this needs full brightness and color adjustment. With this editor can highlight the required sides of the skin and protect colors.

Then do color grading. Then edit the face and fix the face. This is done before the skin is retouched. It is essential to do this for skin retouched. So it gives the best final output. This stage includes coloring the lips, and hair and adjusting the brightness of the hair and iris. 

Skin retouching is done after that. This includes removing unwanted wrinkles and dark patches. Also using brushes makes smooth skin and varying skin tones. Then do the final touch. Sharpe the photo and blur requested areas include in this stage. This sharpening probably does for the model’s eyes. Because in a portrait most critical part is the eyes of the character. 

The fact is the client’s requirements and suggestions. When an editor or photographer gives the edited photos to the customer, they review it. Sometimes they want to add some more things and maybe they are not happy about the edited one. So they may give some suggestions according to their wish. Then the editor has to do these revisions and hand over the photos. This process can happen again and again until the customer is happy about the output. This will take some time and this also adds to the required time.  

The time it takes to edit different factors and most basically the editor experience level and the photo type. So choosing the best editor is a must for your photos.