Top 10 Remini App Alternatives

In the last few years, Remini has become one of the best apps for photo editing and the enhanced side. The best is that they use AI technology for these things. Even though the Remini Online version is unbeatable, there are many apps you can use instead of the Remini app. Some of them offer much better features than the Remini app and even the subscription cost is lower than the Remini subscription. Here, you can see what are the top 10 alternatives for Remini and how good they are.

1. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop ai enhance

Adobe is one of the best apps in this field and now it also uses AI technology for editing photos. They use their new AI feature called FireFly and an Image-analyzing technique called Sensei. With the image-enhance feature here, you can enhance the color and brightness as you wish. The app itself suggests auto-editing looks, but you can change them as you want. The user interface is really good, and you can start editing it even if it is your first attempt. They use a wide set of photo manipulation and correction tools. It also supports Android and Apple devices. You can download the app for Android from the Play Store and for Apple devices from the App Store. Users can download it without any fee, but there are in-app purchases. It costs $9.99 for one month. But it is worth the price.

2. PhotoDirector

photodirector ai photo editor

This is famous because of its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools. Users can get a wide variety of tools, from AI enhancement to filters and effects. For photo upscale, this offers AI Enhance, deblur, denoise, and dehaze tools. With this, you can reduce the blurry parts and get a high-quality photo. AI tools can edit the brightness and sharpen the dull details without any manual interrupt. The un-blur feature helps to fix the shaky hands in photos and dehaze and denoise help you to cut filmy and fuzzy images. Even the underwater photo looked really clear with these tools. You can make avatars with this app you can completely control the image editing process. Is app is available for both Android and Apple devices, and the best part is that this is free to use.


letsenhance io

The Letsenhance app is especially good for people who lack photo editing knowledge and don’t know how to use complex photo editing software. This app is more similar to the Remini app, and this also uses AI for editing photos. There are a lot of features that you can use for editing photos, such as red-eye removal and light balancing. The basic package is between $0.99 and $4.99, changing based on user preferences. If users want to experience the full tool pack, they can upgrade to the premium version, which ranges from $1.99 to $13.99. but the sad fact is that the customer service is limited than other apps and the price is a little higher compared to other similar apps.

4. VanceAI


VanceAI is an online photo editing app that helps you enhance any photo with one click. Users can enhance and change the image quality without increasing the file size. With their AI tools, they try to give the best output, and there is an auto suggestion for you. This is a paid app. Users who use the app for the first time can get a trial time, and in that time, they can check if this is worth the money. After that, users can get 100 credits for $4.95 or 200 credits for $6.95. there are more pricing options, and you can search them via their official website. But the free version gives images with watermarks.

5. Vivid

vivid ai

Vivid is another good app that uses AI technology for image editing. The best part is they use AI technology similar to the one we can see in the movies. It uses this technology to enhance the images. It has an HD photo quality enhancer and unblur tools to get a sharpened image. Users can also add blur to the background to focus on the main object. This is a free AI image enhancement app that can be used on two platforms, Android and Apple.

6. Befunky

befunky ai

Befunky is similar to the Remini app, and the user interface is super easy to use. There are a lot of tools to enhance, crop, or straighten any image, and the best part is that everything is on the screen when you are on the app. There is a free trial, but the options are limited. You can see good stock photos like the Canva app.

7. FotoJet

fotojet photo enhancer

Fotojet is good for photo editing and for adding effects. As the Remini app, this is also easy to use, and there is a wide range of tools and effects to use. Users can also do some functions like resizing, cropping, and rotating with this. There is a perspective correction technology for straightening crooked images. This supports different file formats, they are JPG, PNG, GIF, and WebP. It is free to use but if you want additional features, you have to pay some money for that.

8. AVCLabs

avclabs photo enhancer ai

AVCLabs app supports increasing the resolution and restoring the details without losing anything. Also, it is good for image enhancement. When it comes to the ease of use terms no apps can beat this. This supports background enhancement and color enhancement. But this may take some time to edit photos than other apps. And the options are also lacking in use.

9. Deep-Image

deep image ai photo enhancer

Deep-Image ai app is good for quick retouching. This has more image-enhancing tools than the Remini app and other alternatives. You can use these features in-app or you can use Photoshop or Lightroom. This supports to connect those apps. If you have an e-commerce store, this is the best app for its images. When doing the resolution process it doesn’t lose quality. But this is not free, you have to pay money to use this.

10. editor

With, you can add borders, shadows, and glow to the pictures. This is good for removing the whitened teeth and red-eye and changing the color tones. It has a huge range of tools. This is similar to the Remini and free to use. But when you use the app, you have to face a lot of ad issues, and the free version has limited features.