How To Remove Your Ex From Your Photos

After a breakup, it is annoying to see your photos with your ex. Maybe you feel crying or remember sweet memories with your ex. Because of some reason, removing your ex’s face from your photos is more important. Healing from a breakup and moving forward will be difficult when you see your ex’s face daily or regularly. In that case, you have to distance yourself from these memories and remove them from the memories. With the help of new AI tools, you can now remove your ex from any photos. There is no need to be a perfect editor for it. There are plenty of tools for doing this.

how to remove your ex from your photos

Ways to Remove the Ex From a Photo


It is one of the simplest ways to remove your ex from a photo. You can do this with any tool because most apps give this basic feature.


You can do this simply with Photoshop. First, make a rough patch and cover the person. Then, use a layer mask to make the photo look good.


You can blur the person using blur tools in the app or software. Even basic photo apps give this feature.

The Best Apps to Do This Work


This is one of the best photo editing apps for all types of phones. This supports the iOS and Android versions. This is powered by AI technology, and you can easily and quickly remove any person from your photos. Also, you can download this for your PC and laptop. This app has a wide range of editing tools, so you can do all your editing from one place.

YouCam Perfect

This has a removal tool that helps you to remove any unwanted person from your photos. This is good not only for photos but also videos. You can get a clear and polished picture as the output. With the premium feature, you can get the best quality photos as the output.


This app was created by Google and is now available on both Android and iOS devices. You can edit your photos with this app and remove any object at any time. It has plenty of pre-set filters and if you want, you can make one too. You can blur your ex-image or cut them out from your photos.


This app was mainly created to remove objects or people from the photos. You have to use the brush tool to remove people from a photo. The downside is that you have to use this manually. Also, the app UI is not user-friendly or easy to use. Rather than the removal tools, it has some other features too.

Remove Objects

This app is only for iOS devices. This is one of the best apps for removing people from your photos. This can connect with your photos app, and the removal process is much more straightforward than that of other apps. The eraser is easy to use.