How To Enhance Photos With Remini Online: Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we are going to tell you about how to enhance any photo using Remini online. This is a step-by-step guide so you can understand the procedure. First, there is a small description of the Remini AI photo enhancer.

Remini AI photo enhancer developed by Splice Video Editor. First, it is launched in 2019. In 2024 it has over 100 million downloads in the Play Store and over 22 million downloads in the Apple Store.

This app has some special features, and because of it, this may be different from others. Especially since it has built-in AI technology. The user interface is so user-friendly and because of that, users don’t want to mess with the app. Even for new editors, this gives super support with these features.

enhance photo remini online

Simple Guide

First, visit the Remini website: open the browser and search for the Remini website then open it. Then create an account here. Do sign up or log in as it is required. Now upload the image. Click on choose file button and select the photo want to enhance. Start the enhancement process. You will be provided with different options to do this. You can edit the background, beautify it, and adjust the color profile. After making all changes, tap on Apply. If you are satisfied with the final output, you can download it. Then it will be saved to your device.

These are the simple steps to enhance any photo. But there are some special ways to do special tasks.

Unblur & Sharpener

Using its AI technology, Remini can unblur and sharpen your images, giving back the lost sharpness of the image. There are simple steps to do this.

  1. first, open your Remini app and press the Enhance tab on it.
  2. then the app will go to your gallery.
  3. here, you can select the image you want to unblur.
  4. after selecting the photo you want, tap on the given red check mark on the screen.
  5. if you have the free version, you have to watch an ad to get the final results. If you have the paid version, you can get the paid version immediately.

For the final results, this app shows before and after versions of your selected photos. So you can choose if you want to download the edited photo or not. If you are not satisfied with the result you can simply do the above steps again.


Because of poor lighting, there is a random effect situation in photos, it is called noise. Some photographers use this to get a unique look for the photos. But this can ruin any photo. In this Remini app, you have options to remove this noise and edit the photo. Simply follow these steps.

  1. first, open the app. After that go to the More icon.
  2. Click on this, then you can see a screen with additional features.
  3. then, on the choices, find and press the Retro icon.
  4. then your Gallery will open. So you can select the image that you want to improve.
  5. then press the red check mark on the screen. You can see the final results.

For the final results, this app shows before and after versions of your selected photos. So you can choose if you want to download the edited photo or not. If you are not satisfied with the result you can simply do the above steps again.

Old Photos Restorer

Because of this app, the app gets the best-selling results. In fact, most people like to use this app because of this old photo enhancer app. These are the steps you have to use in this app.

  1. first open the app. then press the Enhance icon.
  2. then upload the old image you want to restore to the app.
  3. using the cropping tool you can resize the photo as you wish before enhancing.
  4. to start the process, press on the Enhance icon.

After that, Remini will display the before and after images on the screen. Also, you can use the Scratch fix feature to physically damage photos. Using the Portrait feature, you can improve the overall quality of the pictures.

Image Enlarger

This is another valuable tool In the app. It helps to enlarge small or low-resolution shots. When recovering old photos, this feature is useful. This doesn’t give you any pixel mess, unlike other software. Because of that, you can get the best output. You can simply upscale your photos using the Remini app.

Remini is one of the best photo editing apps nowadays. With the help of advanced AI tools, it gives the best results you can ever ask from any software. The best thing is that most of these features can be free from the free version. Anyone can buy the paid version, and it gives unlimited access to many tools.

Difference Between Remini Web and Remini App

Nowadays, there are a lot of AI-powered photo editing apps. But Remini is one of the best among all these apps. Users can enhance photos with this and make quality photos. Also, there are a lot of creative tools like background editing effects, filters, etc. There are some attractive features like AI Enhancement, Image restoration, colorizer, and auto-enhance. There are two types of this app: free and premium. Also, two versions based on the app or web. People always want to know which is better, the Remini professional web or the Remini mobile app. Do these two versions give the same results, or can you use both the Remini professional web and the Remini mobile app for photo and video editing? These are the most common questions about this version. In this article, we are going to give details about these two and help to figure out what is best.

First of all, if someone needs clarification about choosing a version between these two, both are fantastic tools for photo and video editing. These two give effective photo editing and video editing tools. But they have their unique pros and cons.

Remini Professional Web

remini web

Photographers can get this version from Remini’s official website. The best thing is that they can get all the features on a big screen. If someone prefers to avoid using their phones for editing, then this is the best tool for them. With this Remini chrome help, you can easily enhance any photo to a stunning one. Remini offers an online free trial, and it is a great way to test the tool. With this, you can get an idea about the web version before paying for the premium version. The Remini web app and Remini for PC are user-friendly Chrome tools with great features.

Remini Mobile App

remini app

If someone does not have a powerful computer or has a low-end computer, this is the best way to edit their photos. The Remini Mobile app gives all the best features for photo editing. Also, this is a perfect tool for revising social media posts. Among all AI apps, the Remini app is the best one because of its colorizing feature. This version also has some effects that Remini Web does not have, like gradients and vignette effects. Most casual users use this version. 


When we compare these two, Remini Web is mostly used by Professional photographers, and photographers and casual users use the app version. These two have batch-processing features, and the web version can do it with up to 10000 photos. However, the customization options are limited on the Mobile app when we compare it with the Web version. And the output resolution is the main difference between these two. Remini’s professional web output resolution is up to 8K, while the mobile app is limited to 1080p. But the mobile app is the best solution price-wise. It costs $5 per month, while the web version is $24.99 per month. 

Advantages of  Web

  • Users don’t need to transfer photos between PC and phone.
  • Can edit photos on a wide screen.
  • Zoom the image as the editors wish.
  • Easy to handle.

Advantages of the Remini Mobile App

  • You can download it easily from the Play Store and get updates from it. 
  • Can use the app anywhere.
  • Editors can also use the old version of the Remini app.
  • Secure and free to use. 

Between these two, we recommended the web version because it uses a big screen, and editing photos and videos is always easy on big screens. But using these versions always depends on your own choice. The best thing is that Remini offers a cloud-based service. Users can upload their projects to the cloud and access them through the mobile app.

Remini Photo Editor – The A.I. Photo Enhancing App

Remini Photo Editor is a well-known app by many people. The main purpose of this photo editor is to edit the photos and videos of yours. Even though the enhancement of the photos even a major task of this perfect image editor.

There are multiple image types that can be inverted into the Remini photo editor. After that, the user would be able to transform the photo into a way which he or she most liked to have. Not only the photos but also you would transform the images into the best way that you would like to observe. Afterward the transformation of the photos even you would be able to share it with the others. Even the others will be amazed by the activity of the Remini photo editor. That is happening for sure. This app would offer you multiple uses. By the following points, the reader would be able to explore all of such excellent things.

remini photo editor

What Are The Images And Video Types That Remini Photo Editor Converts?

Remini Photo Editor converts the submitted photos and videos into high-quality images and videos. Most of the time the outcome of this photo editor is at the quality level of the photos and videos in the film production. It is the best improvement that could be easily seen in this photo editor app. Always you would have a better experience with photo editing. Even some of you are thinking that you would need basic knowledge of photo editing for this transformation of images and photos. You don’t need that. The only app will continue the processing. Here are the image types you could edit via the Remini Photo Editor app.

  • Low-quality images
  • Images captured by low-quality devices
  • Blurred images
  • Images damaged due to the old ages

Features Of The Remini Photo Editor

  The Remini Photo Editor app is combined with multiple features.

  • This app is a user-friendly app. So that can be easily used by any person.
  • If you haven’t any previous knowledge about the Remini Photo Editor app, then it is no problem. Because the app has consisted of pre-defined processes. Only you have to apply these pre-defined processes and keep calm.
  • There are two versions of this app. Free version and the pro version.
  • There are more limitations to the free version. Only you have to insert 3 photos and that can be edited in one day. There are limits to the features in the Remini Photo Editor app.
  • In the pro version, you could experience multiple photo editing. That is unlimited with the pro version. Even though there are multiple features that can be obtained with the pro version. But you would have to pay about 4$ and have to buy it.

But the Remini app is,

As the advantages of the Remini Photo app, there are disadvantageous features that are consisting with the app.

  • It takes more time to finish editing the images and videos
  • The app only sharpening and improving clarity on the face of the photo
  • The users have more limitations on the free versions

But overall, the app has multiple benefits and it is easier to use. With the comparison of its advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude that Remini is a better app for its usage.

Downloading and installing the Remini app

  • For Android and ios devices

If you are an android device user then download the Remini photo editor app from the Google play store. Although for mac device users, download the app from the apple play store easily.

  • For windows and mac devices

You can’t directly get the app. Firstly download an android emulator. From that, you could download the Remini app easily.

Here are some details about the Remini app for you to take a brief idea about that. Actually, it is worthy to work with such type of an app.

Remini For PC Free Download For Windows 7.8.10

Have you ever heard about the Remini For PC app? Certainly, you have to hear about this Remini app. Because that is a famous app that could be used for editing purposes. However, the photos which are from low-grade devices can turn into images with very high quality. As like that, there are more other functions that you can enjoy in this photo editing app. The specialty of the app is, the app is for all android devices, ios devices, and PCs. Therefore any device user could obtain the optimum usage of the app on any device on any platform. Here are the most required details about the Remini app for pc.

remini for pc

What is Remini for PC

Remini PC is an enhancing app for any photos with low quality. Even though by inserting the photos and videos, the user could take them out after repairing. Sharpening photos enhance the photos. And the clarity is improved by this Remini For PC app. But the face area of the photo is only enhanced. That is an advantage of this Remini For PC app. 

How to Download and Install Remini for PC

The procedure of the Remini For PC Download is a bit complex task. But don’t worry, the task is very easy. Try these steps for the successful installation of the Remini For PC app.

  1. Your pc has to consist of an android emulator use this android app on the pc. If there is no android emulator then you should have to download one. Bluestacks, Nox player are better android emulators.
  2. After the installation of this android emulator, let’s continue with the downloading procedure.
  3. Visit the Google play store from the android emulator to discover the Remini For PC app. Or You can download the Apk file from this site and install it on the Android Emulator.
  4. Then search for the name of the app in the Google app store.
  5. Click on the download tab shown in the app
  6. The download process will finish after a few minutes.
  7. Then it automatically installs on your device and automatically finishes the whole procedure.
  8. Discover the downloaded app in the app’s library on your emulator and enjoy it.

You have completed all the steps of the download of the Remini For PC app. Now feel free and continue your photo editing.

Best Features

  • This is a very user-friendly app.
  • There are multiple predefined procedures for photo and video editing.
  • But more time will be taken to finish your amazing edits.
  • There are more features that will include in the Remini For PC app in the future.
  • More functions that are related to Al technology.
  • There are some limits to the free version of the app. If you want to discover more functions then shift to the pro version of the app.


Q: Is this app free to use?

A: Yes, this app is free to use. There are no external charges for the usage of the app. But there are some limitations to the usage of the app. Example for when you are using the free version, you could edit up to 3 photos and videos. And if you want to experience more other features and edit multiple photos, then shift to the pro version.

Q: What is the best, easy use, and free photo editor?

A: Remini For PC photo editor and photo enhancer.

Q: Does This App Includes Any Ads?

A: Yes there are some advertisements contained in the app. But those ads are from the original app developers. Those are not disturbing for the users.

Final Words

The Remini For PC app is very useful for converting low qualitative and old pictures into the best and high-quality pictures with the best quality and looking very clear. The app is always beneficial for you.