How to Extend a Photo Background With Photoshop- Simple Guide

With an extending background, you can alternate portrait photos with landscape ones. Photoshop is one of the best apps in case of this editing. Photoshop uses the reverse technique of background removal. With this, you can easily change an image’s aspect ratio.

how to extend a photo background with photoshop

How to Do With Photoshop

In Photoshop, they extend the edges of your photo and make them large. This can make new pixels and fill the gaps. And it will help you to hold the image quality like the before one. These extended tools give you seamless editing access. They use more than one method to do this, among them, you can see extended canvas, brush tool, natural gradient replicating shadow, content-aware scale, and marquee tool. Here I will tell you how to do that.

Content-Aware Scale

When you extend the background it can make a transparent one. In Photoshop they have tools to get rid of this. We can use the content-aware scale for this.

  •       First, open the image you want to edit. For that go to the File section in the Toolbar. Then click the open tab. Select the photo you want to edit.
  •       Then, on the right side, there is a Layer Panel. In there, tap on the Lock icon, and it will unlock the Photoshop layer. Then, you can extend the background.
  •       After that, go to the crop icon and crop the background, then extend wide and height as you want. here, you can see a transparent area.
  •       Using the magic wand or quick selection, select the blank space.
  •       Finally, go to the photo menu bar; here is a sub-menu named Fill, and click on it. Then you can see an interface, in the interface, keep the contents as Content-Aware and mod as normal. Change the opacity as you want. After all, press the ok button.

Brush tool

With this, users can match the color with the background. With this, you can apply the color as you want or as the already existing background. This also works as a color correction tool. This can make your photo more realistic.

  •       First, open the image you want. For that, go to the File section and select the image. Then, unlock the layer for editing. For that go to the layer panel and select the Lock icon.
  •       Use the Crop Tool and adjust the canvas size. This will give a blank area.
  •       Then select the Brush Tool and select the lower brightness and large brush size. Then, with the ALT and Click, you can select the sample color. Then click the CTRL and J. This will create all in one background.

Marquee Tool

This is another tool that helps you to do this task.

  •       As mentioned before, open the image you want.
  •       Use the Cropping Tool and adjust the canvas size as you want. but don’t spoil the stretch.
  •       Then choose the Marquee Tool. Select the image part you want to stretch. Here, stretch the canvas only. Not the image subject.
  •       After that, deselect the canvas and crop the extra spaces.

Each of these tools has its unique ways and pros and cons. You have to choose wisely according to your expectations. The brush tool can make a colorful and good background. And the marquee tool is one of the most used tools in the app.