How to Give Your Photos a Cinematic Feel

Now, there is a new trend to make photos look cinematic, and it is popular among many people. Cinematic photos use a different type of mood. Also, cinematography and photography go along, and with a change of look, lighting, and camera settings, we can get the cinematic look for our photos. Here, we will tell you how to make your photos more cinematic and try to give you some tips.

how to give your photos a cinematic feel

1. Use the Scenery

When we talk about cinematic photos, we can see they strongly depend on the place and context. So we can change the shapes and other details around the shot to give it a cinematic look. As an example, if your subject is in a field, you can get the look by showing grass. Always try to find a creative way to add a dynamic look to the photo.

2. Backlighting

In cinematography, backlighting is used to get a different look. They use a source of light, maybe the sun or lamp. It helps to highlight the figure. The backlighting color changes according to the subject. One simple way to get the backlight appearance is by shooting your back facing the light. You can use a white wall or a reflector to get the light to the shadow side.

3. Give a Hint

With a creative atmosphere, we can get a cinematic look. We can tell stories through our photos. For that, we can add a right subject to the photo. Maybe a different camera look, a teardrop, or a glance. A simple expression can change the look differently. With one frame, we can tell a long story.

4. Adjust Camera Settings

We can change the camera settings to get the look we want. Most modern cameras allow users to change the brightness, saturation, and contrast. You can check the adjustment process using the menu.

5. Use a Lens Filter

Maybe sometimes you see some photos with a consistent look. We can achieve this with a lens filter. Most of the lenses facilitate a filter for it. You can get those filters by buying online. But before that, be aware of your lens diameter.

6. The Weather

Professionals used the weather to get the atmosphere and emotions they wanted for the scene. The weather always plays a main role in cinematography. Rain can make some sad or lonely feelings, while sunshine can make a warm and happy feeling. Use the weather to make a good-looking cinematography photo.

7. Widescreen

Cropping the photo to a cinematic aspect ratio will make your photo more cinematographic. In films, they use a 16:9 format, but most cameras come with a 3:2 ratio. With new apps and websites, you can crop any photos as you want. now it is a work of seconds.

8. Non-Digital Cameras

Non-digital cameras are the best option when it comes to cinematic-style photos. With them, you can’t take more photos there is a limit. You have to use rolls, and the process takes longer than the digital ones. But the output will be more satisfying.

9. Wide-angle Lens

Many photographers use wide-angle lenses for their cinematic photos. The default size for this is 35mm. you can change as you want. use a prime lens instead of a zoom one. This will help you to get the look you want.

10. Use iPhone

Here, we mostly talk about DSLRs or other cameras. But instead of them, you can use your iPhone to take cinematic photos. With the iPhone 13, you have the cinematic mode. This helps you to get the photos and videos you want. if you do photography as a hobby, your iPhone will be the best one for this.