Claymation AI Filter: How To Turn Your Photos into Viral Clay Art

Nowadays, people like to test new and creative ways to make new art. In that case, most people try different methods to get their desired outcome. Claymation AI filter is one of the best trends in recent days. This filter can change the look of your photos from natural to clay-like art look. Actually, it gives the actual clay look. This filter is called Claymation. This wins so many hearts of users because it gives a unique look to your photos. This awakens the memory of many childhood movies and TV shows made with clay animation. Here, we are going talk about this Claymation AI Filter.

claymation ai filter

What is Claymation?

This is a stop-motion animation. It means creators move clay figures little by little and take pictures after every little movement. Then, they create an illusion from those photos. In the old days, many shows and cartoons were created based on this method. But now we don’t have to put more effort into making our photos like the clay creatures. With the new AI technology now there is a Claymation AI filter, which you can use to change the look of your photos from natural to clay look. They change the textures, colors, and all objects to a clay look, and even users can’t believe their look.

How to Create Claymation Art Using AI Filters

1. Choose the Best Platform

There are a lot of apps and platforms that offer this AI filter. Among them, some popular ones are Prisma, DeepArt, and Adobe Photoshop. Users have to select the app as their preference. For mobile users, they can use Prisma and DeepArt as they are user-friendly and easy to use.

2. Select or Capture a High-Quality Image

In order to get a quality output, users have to input a quality image. Add a photo that is clear, high-resolution, and well-lit. some apps give a chance to add already taken photos or if you don’t have one, you can capture one as you wish. A good picture will help the AI filter apply the effect well and it helps to get a good output.

3. Upload Your Photo

After choosing the platform you want and the picture you want the next step is to upload the photo. Most apps have a simple process to upload. Also, they give a guide if you lack the uploading process. Mostly users have to click a button or drag and drop the desired photo into the app.

4. Apply the Filter

In the app, users have to find the Claymation filter before applying it. Then, after clicking it, apply the filter. If they want, they can adjust the settings and effects and do color balancing. Do the adjustments until get the desired output.

6. Review and Edit

After the editing, take a final look. If it doesn’t match your vision, you can change other settings as well. Most of those apps give plenty of other editing tools. With them, you can get the desired output you want.

7. Save and Share

When you get the output you want, you can save them. Saving in high-resolution will give you a good-quality output. Then, you can share this photo on your social media platforms.

Some of the Most Used Apps

YouCam AI Pro

  1. Launch the app and choose the image-to-image feature.
  2. Upload the photo you want to edit.
  3. Then, you can see a text prompt box on the top of the page. Enter the prompt as “clay animation” in there. adjust the image weight. This can be around 60-90%.
  4. Select the Clay AI style. You can add more additional animations. As an example, 3D animation. But in order to get the Clay animation you have to add Clay animation in the prompt.
  5. This app generates the Clay animation style that we can see in Shaun the Sheep. After doing the above steps wait a few seconds, and you can see your photo in Clay style. Then, you can save and share it on your social media accounts.


  1. First, launch the app.
  2. Then select the Clay style you want. And apply it.
  3. After getting the output, save it or share it.

AI Mirror

This app is totally into the AI Clay Filter trend.

  1. launch the app.
  2. Click the Clay Art Banner.
  3. Choose the Clay Art Filter you want.
  4. Then upload your photo.
  5. Finally, Use the AI clay filter, and after the output, save it or share it as you want.


  1. Launch the app.
  2. Then click on the AI clay Filter banner.
  3. Upload the photo you want and Use the AI Clay Filter.
  4. After that, save it or share it.

This Clay AI Filter is now a thing with Gen Z people on TikTok. With the IA technology applying these filters to your images is now getting easier than in previous times.

The Future of AI in Digital Art

In past years, doing digital art has required more time and effort. Artists have to give their time and everything to get the outcome they want. And customers have to spend more money to make digital art for them. But now with the new AI technology, even a child can make art as they wish. All they have to do is give the right input and prompt to the editor. The best part is that the cost is also lower than the price you have to pay for an artist. Also, the ability to make old art with modern AI can’t underrated. They can remake that old art as same. Also, with AI art, you can earn money by generating images and selling them on some platforms.

As we mentioned in this guide, following those steps, you can easily change your photo into clay mode, and it is also fun. You can do this for your photos and even for other photos. Remember to choose a high-quality photo, use the right platform, and adjust the filters as you want.