5 Trending Snapchat Filters Must Know

Now, most people don’t like to use plain old selfies. In that case, Snapchat has the most amazing filters for editing any photo. You can share them on any social media platform after you edit them, or you can save them. Since Snapchat introduced these filters, people embraced them quickly, and after that, many apps tried to do the same and make a competition.

However, Snapchat remains in first place with its most amazing filters. In this article, we are going to talk about the best and trending Snapchat filters. These filters will help you to make your selfies more attractive.

1. Anime Style

anime style snapchat filter

This filter can change your photo and background into a Japanese anime scene within a few seconds. It can make a cute look and signature style with your photos. They have one anime style only.

2. Golden Hour

golden hour snapchat filter

This can give a yellow color look to your picture and give the most warmth and aesthetic look to your photos. It makes a bright picture which you can share with your friends.

3. Light Makeup

light makeup snapchat filter

This filter can give a simple makeup look to your photos. They use mascara, little eyeliner, and a pink lip color. They have one makeup look.

4. Big Lips

big lips snapchat filter

Some people like to make their lips big. Snapchat gives their big lips lens to make your lips more thick than the real ones. But you can’t adjust them as you want.

5. AI Cute Cartoon Lens

ai cute cartoon lens snapchat filter

Some people like to see their cartoon look when they capture pictures. In that case, Snapchat gives you a cartoon lens that makes your pictures 3D cartoons. They have one cartoon-style filter.

These filters can add a more artistic look to your photos and make them more beautiful than before. But the problem is that they are limited and can’t adjust more things. And you can’t use them on videos or pictures in your library. So, you have to use some filter apps to edit.